About Us

On to the Next apparel is the idea of a renaissance man.

Our motto “Go Big. Win Big. Dream Big.” is about going after your goals and pursuing excellence in all your endeavors.

OTTN Apparel’s mission is to provide quality street/athletic wear that inspires and motivates the drive and willingness to achieve excellence.  


Message from Founder/Owner Eddie Kim:

“My whole life has always been “On To The Next”. Even within success, you are always ready to fight or compete and win again. You won one gold medal, next time, you go for two. As a young competitive swimmer even after I won two Junior Olympic gold medals, I was at practice the next morning to train for the next Junior Olympics. 

Got this idea as a cadet at United States at Military Academy that the life that you live to the fullest is being a human of many skill sets – a human with a knowledge of academics, social, physical, and spiritual. “On To The Next” is about improving and going to the next level. To go big. Win big. And dream even bigger. Always forward thinking and moving forward.


Eddie Kim is a:

Director of Marketing: Color Story Clothing
CEO: Morning Star Swim Club
Graduate School Student at Central Michigan University
Head Coach: Long Beach Polytechnic HS Boys Swim & Dive Team
Sponsored by Adidas Swim as a coach
Co-Founder/Co-Owner of D&E Campaign
Founder of OTTN Photography
U.S. Army Reserve 1st Lieutenant
USC Bachelor’s ’10